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Lamb Chop in Tawau?

posted Nov 10, 2011, 11:40 PM by Haris Hashim
Lamb Chop The Hub Cafe
Homebrew-Tech.com turns into food review site? Nope, at least not yet! ;)

Being away from KL means I have to find new places to eat at. Which is a pain because KL is such a nice food haven. Compare this to Tawau (where I am at the moment). Been here on and off for almost a year. Still hard to find a good place to eat.

Until now that is! As pictured, it really is the best Lamb Chop I ever taste. Got the sauce all over my fingers just to lick em clean at the end of the meal! It is that good. At RM 12.90, definitely does not break the bank.

For other foods lover, you guys can find this restaurant in Eastern Plaza (shopping mall attached to Hotel Promenade). Just take escalator down from G to LG and it will be hard to miss. The signboard is "@The Hub Cafe".

Hmm, perhaps I should do more on this food review kind of stuff. Probably another website or Google App Engine module just for food reviews. Got more places to share with you guys. 

Take Care!