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Fast and Safe Shipping

posted May 4, 2011, 6:44 PM by Haris Hashim
At H&T, we take shipping seriously.

We make sure that every shipment is packaged properly. Being environment friendly, we try to use recycled material as much as possible!

Shipment are packed with the following in mind:

  1. Using box material with sufficient hardness as well as proper padding inside the box. The box is custom made to fit the shipped item.
  2. The box is wrapped tightly with packaging tape. To ensure no foul play during delivery and no tampering with the box content.

As for delivery, H&T use POS Laju for all shipment. A fast and solid service. For most location, package is delivered next day. In addition to this, PosLaju shipment also require for recipient signature. So it is not just fast. More importantly, it is also a safe method of shipment. 

Do not confuse Pos Laju with another service by Pos Malaysia called Pos Express. Pos Laju have their own delivery team and procedure (they call if unable to deliver). While Pos Express is actually delivered like normal mail by normal posmen and does not require recipient signature. Pos Express is slightly faster than normal mail. However Pos Express is not a safe method of shipping.

As part of our commitment to fast and save shipping, H&T use Pos Laju and say no to Pos Express. So that our customer can have a peace of mind. As written before, we take shipping seriously!