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Acrylic Organizer Brew!

posted Feb 28, 2012, 6:20 AM by Haris Hashim   [ updated Apr 4, 2012, 3:39 AM ]

Have you ever feel that doing Arduino is a mess? Well it should be! With all the wires and whatnot lying around. The Arduino board it self with shield, display and prototyping boards. The more the merrier. Or is it the messier?

My personal feeling with Arduino, if without casing. Is one of untethered and moveable. My personal fear with Arduino is that if drink is spilled. Perhaps the magic smoke will show it self!

So here an example and a creative use of Arduino combined with acrylic and PCB stands. With some other stuff.

Organizer brew

This new product from H&T is acrylic that can accept Uno or Mega. At each four corner, holes are available if user want to optionally raise it higher. Beside that, the holes are reserved for future ideas.

It Support 1 or 2 half size solder less breadboard as well as DFRobot 16x02 I2C LCD. Which is shown in above and bellow picture. The Organizer as well as mentioned accessories, are now available in the online shop. While stock last that is! 

Organizer and Shield

Picture showing I2C display connected to DFRobot IO Expansion shield with XBee WiFi module on top.

Here is the bonus question. Would you be able to do something personal with it?

The bonus answer is yes! In fact H&T have taken this opportunity to etch well known Arduino personage in Malaysia. As well as offer this new product for them FOC for a test drive.


As launch promotion, eight pieces are reserved for personalization. That means eight lucky people can have their name etched. Along with this three famous personage. Those who are interested, please email me for further information!